Financial Planning & Decision-making

The majority of us are (unintentionally) unaware of exactly where we are in terms of a "life plan"; essentially a practical guide to strike balance between your wealth and well-being.  At Afrafin we would like to be part of a process in which we make money your servant without it being your master. 

What is your goal and how do you get there?  How much is enough?  Or, what is the long-term cost of our needs and wants?  In other words, the result of our efforts to secure financial peace of mind for yourself and perhaps your offspring.

We aspire to simplify a complex financial world and support our clients so that they could make informed decisions about their wealth.  Our planning tool support a thorough decision-making process as we provide perspective on several possible outcomes.  Most of us need a well crafted financial plan which is supported by research and a proven process.  The tailored financial plan sketch alternatives and aids us with our decision-making.  With a reviewable framework we offer further insight and strive to ensure continual financial peace of mind. 

Below is a graphical output from our model:

Services Overview


We do work in the following areas:

  • Managing investment strategies that either protect existing capital or build wealth over time;
  • Direct offshore investments in selected tax jurisdictions;
  • Foreign exchange services in order to convert your ZAR (South African Rand) into other major currencies;
  • Estate assessments and cross generational wealth preservation.  We engage with other independent tax and legal professionals where it is not our area of expertise;
  • Tax planning using companies and/ or trusts;
  • Risk analysis and scenario planning.

In most cases we underestimate the effects of inflation and the impact of poor tax planning.   Key areas for consideration are:

  • Fluctuation, or volatility of financial markets;
  • A constant weakening ZAR (South African Rand) over time;
  • The illiquidity of residential property; i.e. the ability to easily turn it into cash;
  • Estimated future purchasing power of funds;
  • Regular provision in terms of cash flow requirements;
  • Taxation benefits of retirement funds.


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