Services Overview

What is your goal and how much is enough?  Or, what is the long-term cost of your needs, and/ or wants? In other words, the result of your effort to secure financial peace of mind for yourself and perhaps your offspring.  Experience has shown us that the majority of us are (unintentionally) unaware of exactly where we are in terms of such a "life plan"; essentially a practical guide to strike balance between your wealth and well-being.

In his book Money and the Meaning of Life, Jacob Needleman writes: "Looking at money from this perspective [healthy] can also bring a feeling of hope and a sense of relief that we are finally allowed to step way back and look at money without any concern about how to get it or keep it, but simply as a key to the questions of who and what we are."  At Afrafin we would like to be part of a process in which we make money your servant without it being your master.

In short, we specialise in the following:

  • Managing inflation-beating investment portfolio's, either preserving existing capital or building wealth over time
  • Estate assessments and cross generational wealth preservation.  We engage with other independent professionals where it is not our area of expertise
  • Personal tax planning with the structuring of companies and/ or trusts
  • Employer retirement funds and benefits.  Where applicable, we might liaise with trustees of these funds
  • Risk analysis and scenario planning

We offer further insight supported by an advanced planning tool and a thorough decision-making process.  Below is a graphical output from our model:

Services Overview


We focus on a practical and personalised financial plan, specifically in context of an individual's lifestyle, income and available assets such as:

  • Disposable income
  • A business interest generating additional income
  • Yields from property investments or;
  • Personal equity portfolios and;
  • Retirement funds

In most cases we underestimate the effects of inflation and the impact of poor tax planning.   We often see poor planning around the following areas:

  • Fluctuation or volatility of financial markets
  • A weakening Rand over time
  • The illiquidity of fixed property
  • Estimated future purchasing power of funds
  • Regular provision in terms of cash flow requirements
  • Taxation benefits of retirement funds

Your savings during the accumulation phase, is in essence "deferred spending"; i.e. until we decide to scale down, or not to work anymore.  Pundits claim that life expectancy in our lifetime is about to increase in excess of 100 years; therefore, coupled with a dramatic rise in healthcare costs, you require a sophisticated and a regulary reviewed financial plan.   These are efforts in order to counter this uncertainty and we would like to partner with our clients during this process.


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