The approach and process

At Afrafin we follow a well defined planning process, but in all cases we accommodate individual needs.  Hence, we may alter the process at our discretion. 

  • typically follow a 6-step planning process which take a holistic approach by incorporating tax as well as estate planning principles
  • have an advanced and exclusive planning model in order to tailor a solution that matches our clients' needs and preferences
  • combine personal preferences such as direct equity portfolio's and property investments
  • follow a meticulous decision-making process.  Our investment decisions are based on thorough research, prudence and sound principles
  • prefer to engage in pro-active decisions and avoid re-active responses to market volatility; i.e. we plan as opposed to predict
  • bulk investments and negotiate lower fees with service providers

Our approach graph


Our personal financial plan is pivotal to our clients' long-term financial goals and success. During regular reviews of each area (estate planning, personal tax liability, investment portfolios) we ensure the viability under changing conditions.

Our plan outlines:

  • Potential income tax liabilities
  • Income projections
  • Access to, and the liquidity funds
  • Expenditure patterns over the longer term
  • Real investment returns indicating future purchasing power i.e. inflation adjusted returns
  • Potential estate duty


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