A small number of prominent independent financial advisers in South Africa combined efforts to ensure appropriate investment research and address the problem of high costs. In association we established an exclusive group, which is called Finsolnet. Since 2003 our investment strategies produced consistent results.

The expertise of individual members and several advisory practices made it possible to devise a unique solution, which basically offers:

  • Investment performance linked to quantifiable risk and term mandates (also see the section related to the investment mandate)
  • Reduced cost to clients by joining forces in negotiation with financial companies
  • Continuous review of investment strategies and efficient administration

By 2016, the assets under management exceeded R10 billion. This provides our association with enough leverage with suppliers in our quest to improve the decision-making process and ultimately to reduce costs.

It is important to note that the Finsolnet association does not in any manner impair the independence of each individual member. Advisory practices remain free to offer alternative vehicles and thus eliminating any conflict of interest.

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