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We are a boutique wealth management and financial advisory practice.  Since 1993 we have instilled financial peace of mind with our clients.  Our family business look after family money and have assisted with the transfer of wealth between generations.

We offer:

  • an office for your family wealth
  • a unique approach in terms of transparency and decision-making
  • you a process to manage the up and down movements of financial markets and a simple choice of investment strategies in order to protect your future buying power
  • comprehensive investment and tax planning
  • independent and unbiased advice flowing through a forum of experienced individuals
  • thorough and personal lifestyle planning to ensure peace of mind

Our philosophy

Long-term personal relationships and high ethical standards is the cornerstone of our practice. We prefer simplicity in a world of increased complexity and abundant choices. Therefore we created a simple set of inflation targeted investment strategies with effective results over the short- and long-term.  Remember that simple should never be confused with easy.  We make an effort to look ahead and manage your uncertainty pro-actively. Read more >>

Our practice specialises in professional financial advice for individuals who are serious about managing their risk and the protection of funds against the effects of long-term inflation; i.e. over time inflation (increased living expense) will erode your future buying power.

Your personal financial plan is supported by an advanced decision-making process as well as thorough research. Through a comprehensive planning process we determine the sustainability of your long-term lifestyle requirements. The projections are reviewed on a regular basis in order to validate any assumptions. This unique plan assists you in order to make well-informed decisions. In this manner we strive to ensure continual financial peace of mind.


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